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Charlie Foxtrot
 Ops is a European based Arma 3 community consisting of a group of experienced players who have been playing the ArmA series for many years. Charlie Foxtrot Ops is five years old and still going strong. We focus on creating a tight-knight group of like-minded people where everyone knows everyone. As a direct result this isn’t a large community that grows rapidly nor do people leave often. We don’t recruit large amounts of people in a short amount of time.  Recruitment works this way, partially to uphold a certain standard of play, and partially because it gives us time to get to know the people we play with.

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In terms of gameplay we can be described as being “milsim-lite”. This means that we train and use actual military tactics. Wherever possible, we also try to use authentic military gear and we ground our missions in reality. On the other hand, we’re also easygoing and practical. We don’t call eachother “sir” and we don’t roleplay as a military unit. We adapt the aforementioned tactics to the limitations that Arma brings.

We use a large amount of mods to achieve the gameplay that we’re looking for. This includes core mods like ACE 3, ACRE 2, extra islands, weapon and unit mods, etc. We also use custom mods that improve the AI. The total size of these mods is about 50 GB.  We currently use a custom tool called CFSync to download and maintain these mods.

No prior experience in Arma is required Within the first month, our trainers will run you through some basic training to get you started. This is the only mandatory training you’ll do. We do offer more trainings to broaden your skill set and we highly encourage people to do them. These trainings are not weekly. Instead, we find a suitable date for you, usually in the evening, to run the training.
To get a taste of our training, feel free to check out the training section.

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Charlie Foxtrot Ops organizes weekly sessions on Sundays at 20:00 (CET/CEST), where unique and dynamic missions are created every time.  These sessions are private and are only available to members. It’s expected that you show up to the majority of these.

We don’t require any of the DLC as we tend to use mods for similar capabilities but we do use Apex and you’ll need it to play with us.

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